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New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

Cyclades Preservation Fund

Onto the islands

The Cyclades Preservation Fund is a registered Charity established in October 2017 in the UK to support sustainable initiatives and to promote the preservation of the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Cyclades. The cornerstone of our mission is the empowerment of local communities, backed up by investment in the local environment.

We are a group of Greek and international friends of the ‘Cycladic Islands’ driven by confidence that the Cycladic islands have an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and preserve their unique history, culture, traditions and environmental heritage while maintaining themselves as a global touristic destination.

Our team carefully yet passionately and ambitiously selects activities, initiatives, and partners that share a common vision to preserve the Cyclades unique beauty and support the locals while safeguarding the natural environment. Our steering committee and advisory council help to select the best of these projects, and once grants have been made we continue to provide support and guidance to our grantees, as well as continuing to assess the impact of each grant once some time has passed.

In order continue to achieve our goals we need supporters who share this common vision.
We encourage those who echo our passion for these special islands, or for the natural environment in general, to join us!

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*The short video ‘Onto the islands’ is a CPF production (2020) and has been created by the filmmaker Oliwia Tado. We are grateful to all our partners for our collaboration.

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