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New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

Cyclades Preservation Fund

The British Embassy visited the Cyclades Green Volunteers in Andros!

Last month, the British Embassy of Athens arrived on the island of Andros to meet Russel and Lizzie, the two generous British ‘Cyclades Green Volunteers’ on the field – hosted by Andros Research Center (ARC). Ulli Stahlmann, a volunteer member of the ARC team, welcomed the visitors and presented the organization and the projects:  Andros Routes and Clean Green Andros.

After the introductions, the group headed for a short hike to path 15A, a lovely walk near Gavrio port. Here, they saw first-hand the efforts required to maintain and enhance the ancient paths, with activities such as painting signposts, cleaning and renovating steps, and pruning the vegetation. Lizzie and Russell had been busy maintaining the Andros trails for two weeks already.

The Embassy representatives along with CPF and ARC team members had the opportunity to monitor but also participate in the fieldwork for Andros Routes project, making a significant and symbolic contribution to the project.

The Embassy representatives were interested to learn more about the two projects; the certification of the trails, the volunteering institution (the Route Angels), the maintenance hikes, the plastic pollution issues, the waste management problems, the Drink Andros Water campaign, and the involvement of both residents and cultural associations in the maintenance and promotion of trails. Ulli highlighted the importance of volunteers in supporting the work of the organization saying that “The local society embraced the volunteers in a warm way. Their passion and enthusiasm helped to make a difference and highlight the importance of our work at the local level”.


Mrs Jaime Turner, Policy Advisor of the Embassy, talked with the volunteers and stakeholders of the project and commented: «It was quite important for us to support a programme that would give the opportunity of a direct interaction between Greek and British people. I am happy to realise the common ground to work on for important cross cutting issues like the one of the environmental protection of the beautiful Cyclades».

The meeting ended up with a promise to return to Andros again, to walk on the paths and take part in one of the regular maintenance hikes.


The Cyclades Green Volunteers program is an initiative of the Cyclades Preservation Fund with the support of the British Embassy Athens. From September to November 2021, four volunteers have offered their time and effort on site in Andros and another two volunteers are working remotely on digital initiatives for Andros Research Center.

Cyclades Preservation Fund

An ‘on-line Cyclades Green Volunteer’ describes his experience!

I am Apostolis and I became a ‘Cyclades Green Volunteer’ for Andros from home! What I am actually doing is contributing to develop the website for the new interesting project “Clean Green Andros” and I am excited to see it first!

It was my first time to volunteer from home – remotely, but unexpectedly all my goals were met thanks to Andros Research Center team and communication. This is the reason as I still participate to the volunteer program, after the official end of the project.

The most enjoyable part for me was meeting new people, sharing their thoughts and concerns for the island of Andros and learning so much about recycling and waste management. 

If I had a bit faster Internet, a better chair, relaxing music and a lot of coffee would really help (kidding)!

I am doing this, because I believe in volunteering, in people’s decency.
When you are doing something pro bono, you can achieve better results, because you are doing this why you like it and not for money.
Also I volunteer for this position, to gain experience as a WordPress developer and use it professional way later on.

I recommend everybody to participate and become part of the Cyclades islands in another way!

Cyclades Preservation Fund

Evanthia ‘precious’ experience in Apano Meria, Syros island!

I spent the first week of November in the beautiful Syros island and the amazing ‘Precious Plastic’ lab of Apano Meria organization! From the beginning, Eleni and Spyros, the people in charge of the project, welcomed me and guided me to the lab. There, Spyros showed me the upcycling machines they have made and explained to me the usefulness and functionality of each one.

My daily work in the lab mainly included the separation of plastic lids based on color (a rather meditative process I would say!) And their crushing in the shreder machine.

I also got in touch with the KOINSEP (social enterprise) “Apano Meria” other work and listened with great interest their vision, as Eleni conveyed it to me:
the sustainable touristic development of Apano Meria region in Syros, with respect for nature and an alternative approach to what an island can offer to its visitors (nature walks, paths that lead to secluded beaches and maintaining the cultural heritage of the island).

In conclusion, I have to say that it was definitely a worthwhile experience and I would like to share some thoughts that came to me.
Initially, the view with the crates from the lids was something impressive!

I think that the Plastic lab itself is a fantastic educational program to get into the schools, because when you go to the trouble of managing this amount of waste, you start to realize the impact it has on the environment, as well as it can make you think that -perhaps- the most ideal way of management would be non-production from the beginning and -perhaps- the best way to do this is for us consumers to choose companies and products that choose sustainable packaging and respect the environment, because in the end where we spend our money, some times is louder than any vote we give!

We would like to thank Evanthia for her generous contribution and her positive vibes for the project and wish to see her again in Syros!

As I was separating and emptying some of them, I realized that each crate corresponds to a multiple volume of plastic bottles, which will also need to be managed in some way or end up in a landfill and at sea.

Cyclades Preservation Fund

Open call for Cyclades Green Volunteers

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who will live the unique experience in the Greek Cycladic paradise combining volunteering, exploration & leisure this year.
Applications are open until the 28th of August 2021.

Cyclades Preservation Fund

Meet our Local Champions!

The Cyclades Preservation Fund is a registered Charity established in October 2017 in the UK to support sustainable initiatives and to promote the preservation of the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Cyclades.

Cyclades Preservation Fund

Onto the islands

We are a group of Greek and international friends of the ‘Cycladic Islands’ driven by confidence that the Cycladic islands have an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and preserve their unique history, culture, traditions and environmental heritage while maintaining themselves as a global touristic destination.