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New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

Green Volunteers

Little bit of information about the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)

Cyclades Green Volunteers is a programme enabling interested active citizens and youth to engage with local communities concerning environmental challenges in the Cyclades islands in Greece.

Especially this year (2021) the programme gives priority to British and Greek (ideally linked to the UK) volunteers as we celebrate the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, marking Britain’s contribution to the Greek Struggle.

Volunteers are invited to offer environmental work in cooperation with local champions on the Cycladic islands of Andros, Naxos and Syros, and at the same time familiarise themselves with the Cycladic way of life and its unique characteristics.

The Program will focus on two priority areas:

Wildlife Protection & Conservation

Sustainable Waste Management

Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)

was a UK based Charity active since early 2018 until July 2021 and now is a Greek Non-profit association, aiming to support the natural beauty and value of the Cyclades and empower the local communities.

The CPF focuses on developing from the bottom up. We protect the Cyclades’ fragile natural ecosystems by promoting sustainable development, but most importantly, we work with local communities by supporting them to nurture the environment. We are here to listen and help the people of these islands with initiatives that they themselves are starting. There is still much work to be done, but the people of the Cyclades are becoming more environmentally aware and willing to take the steps to preserve the natural beauty which attracts so many visitors each year.

To do so, we raise money from people all over the world, as well as from local individuals and businesses that care and rely on the Cycladic Islands’ future. We ensure funds are directed appropriately, supporting the most effective preservation projects and campaigns

Some examples of the inspirational projects CPF supports include:

Protecting and rehabilitating the most vulnerable of our wild species like sea turtles, monk seals, dolphins, and rare hawks by providing necessary tools to the experts

Tackling plastic pollution using innovative solutions such as an award-winning ‘sea-bin’ for ports and marinas, a marine litter station for used fishing nets, and a small-scale recycling centre designed to promote a circular economy.

Supporting the marine economy and environment by encouraging local fishermen to arrange fishing trips for tourists, promoting the consumption of alien invasive species, reducing the pressure on fish stocks, and promoting sustainable fishing practises.

Regenerating the fragile local ecosystems, to prevent erosion as well as revegetate and enhance biodiversity in particularly degraded areas

The idea to create and coordinate a long-term volunteer program for the protection and sustainable management of the natural environment in the Cyclades has been CPFs vision since the beginning. With more experience and understanding of the needs of our partner organizations it has become clear there is a need for volunteers to make their visions a reality and then allow them to grow.


We celebrate the 200-year
anniversary of the
Greek – British solidarity

Therefore, the crucial objective of this ‘Cyclades Green Volunteers’ Program, which is financially supported by the British Embassy Athens, is to provide resources and assistance to cover real needs that Cycladic islanders have.

A tailor-made volunteer program, coordinated by the CPF, will continue supporting and empowering the local communities with more resources, while offering opportunities for eager volunteers to contribute to a vital cause.

Finally, we are more than happy to encourage the Greek – British volunteer spirit and celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the Greek – British solidarity. So, in closing, I would like once more to thank our local partners for their trust and excellent collaboration.

They are the best ambassadors for what can be achieved through sheer energy, passion, and drive!

British Embassy Athens

The "Cyclades Green Volunteers" project forms part of the British Embassy Athens programme in celebration of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, marking Britain's contribution to the Greek Struggle, but also looks to the future of the bilateral relationship. Youth is at the heart of our programme - alongside the guiding spirit of the Philhellenes: volunteerism.

We want to channel that spirit of activism and personal responsibility into direct action to tackle today’s shared challenges. We will be working to develop capacity and capability in today’s UK and Greek not-for-profit and voluntary sectors, training future leaders, and bringing young Greeks and Britons together on Greek soil, to work for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The spirit of 1821 calls us to cooperate again on the major crises we must tackle together today, climate change and recovery from the pandemic.