This is a Covid-safe and covid proof activity.  Read More

New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!

New vacancies for spring 2022!
Applications will open soon, stay tuned!


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    What is becoming a green volunteer in Cyclades?

    To become a Cyclades Green Volunteer is to travel to the Cyclades islands in Greece with the purpose of donating your time, skills and energy to support a community that values your contribution. When volunteering in the Cyclades with Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), you can expect to volunteer along with local people and other volunteers who are working towards a common goal, supporting the long-term environmental objectives of your host community.

    Why volunteer in the Cyclades?

    'Volunteering' essentially is an act of service - our programs are for people who want to make a difference through immersive volunteer travel opportunities and cross-cultural learning. As a Cyclades green volunteer, you will experience new perspectives and ways of operating, while engaging in mutually-beneficial learning exchanges with your host community and fellow volunteers - sharing skills, ideas, values, languages and cultural differences. You will discover the deeper environmental problems that exist in the region, but also learn about its history & unique culture, savor the authentic taste of their local cuisine and meet the locals. The learning and growth opportunities that you will gain while volunteering are invaluable to your personal and professional development. 

    What is the goal of the programme?

    The Cycladic complex in the Aegean archipelago, made up of almost 220 islets and 35 islands, is perceived by many as the ideal travel destination in Greece. The islands spectacular landscapes, world[1]renowned beaches, unique ecosystems, diverse entertainment options, and rich cultural offerings, attract millions of visitors every year. Protecting this exceptional and vibrant part of the Aegean is crucial to ensuring that growth is achieved in an inclusive, balanced and sustainable manner throughout the year. In this scenario, the Cyclades would be able to remain a leading tourist destination while preserving their unique habitats, biotopes and culture, and pursuing an environmentally friendly development model making full use of local resources and produce. The long-term success of such a development model, based on mutually reinforcing sustainable activities, relies heavily on two factors: empowering the local community of nearly 115,000 people spread across the 24 inhabited islands in devising strategies to address and overcome major challenges, ranging from pollution to poor infrastructure and lack of environmental education; facilitating this transition through financial means and exchange of best practice and know[1]how, as well as via frontline voluntary engagement.


    The Cyclades Preservation Fund  (CPF) worked closely with the British Embassy Athens(BEA) to progress both factors by developing the ‘Green Volunteers in the Cyclades’ programme. This initiative seeks to enable Greek and British youth to engage in environmentally friendly work in cooperation with local champions on the islands of Andros, Naxos,  and Syros, learning about the Cycladic way of life and unique environment.

    What are the requirements to volunteer?

    We accept volunteers above the age of 22 and especially this year (2021) we give priority to British and Greeks linked to the UK as we celebrate the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, marking Britain's contribution to the Greek Struggle.

    We will be able to host other citizens as well in the next phase of the programme.

    Where I volunteer in the Cyclades?

    This year (2021) - you can choose to volunteer in the Cyclades in 3 destinations, Syros - Naxos - Andros. Explore our volunteer positions to learn more. The areas may vary in the next phase of the programme.

    Is this activity COVID safe?

    This is a Covid-safe and covid proof activity. This means that, after careful planning and closely monitoring of the health requirements and restrictions, we open the volunteer positions in the Cyclades in Greece.

    This is to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our participants, staff and the community members we work with safe.In order to do this, we have put in place new and extensive procedures and protocols that will help us to ensure a safe experience for all and to help reassure our participants about travelling during COVID-19.

    We prefer the applicants to be vaccinated, but if not - then it's mandatory to conduct a PCR or rapid test before coming. We will also provide them with self tests weekly and face masks to be protected.

    Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

    As a Cyclades Green Volunteer, you give your time and your skills to help, therefore many people can’t see why they should have to pay to volunteer. Being transparent and making sure Cyclades Green  volunteers understand what their fees cover is important to us. Paying the contribution fee of 200 euros confirms your place on the program and is the fee for the local host organization to cover the expenses associated with your on arrival training, orientation, welcome kit and staff support to ensure your volunteer program goes as smoothly as possible.

    What happens after I apply?

    After you apply to volunteer in the Cyclades, if selected, the CPF will contact you for a personal interview. Then, CPF will help you prepare for your volunteer trip and introduce you to our local team. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

    Is travel insurance included?

    Travel insurance is mandatory in order to become a Cyclades green volunteer. To keep costs as low as possible for volunteers, we cover the travel insurance cost - so as to ensure that your trip in Greece goes smoothly. This insurance covers medical emergencies

    What happens when I arrive at my programme destination?

    When you arrive at your program destination, you will be welcomed at the port/airport by a representative of our local team. They will take you to the volunteer accommodation. Before beginning your placement, you will attend a remote program orientation which is hosted by the local team to give you an introduction to the local culture and customs, safety advice, transport options, and other optional activities The next day you will receive a daily schedule and begin working.

    Will I have time to explore the island?

    You will have your free time and days off to explore more of your host island and our local team will be happy to provide recommendations for tours and other activities. While we believe that volunteering is the most authentic way to experience a country through living and working with local people, we understand that many of our volunteers wish to visit and experience sites like regular travelers too.